The Caterpillar That Stood On Its Head

Spring had come, and out they hatch

Fresh from their eggs, a new born batch

Fall from the trees on silken threads,

Caterpillars emerging from their beds.

One caterpillar, his name was Clown,

Didn’t know he was falling upside-down!

When he landed on his head

He saw the sky beneath instead,

And above him was the ground

Soft and moist and browned,

A pillow of mud around his ears

That he could rest on for years.

Beneath his feet drifted white fluff

Called clouds. He could not get enough

Of watching the endless sky below

In all its beauty, even though

The other caterpillars laughed.

Rosie said, “You look so daft!”

Clown had to disagree,

He thought the rest looked silly.

“Look at Clown!” Magic said.

“He’s standing on his head!

Nothing looks sillier

Than an upside-down caterpillar!”

Eventually Clown grew tired

Of the teasing, and aspired

To flip the right way up and

Copy the way the others stand.

His feet touched earth for the first time,

The comforting pillow now felt like grime.

His head lifted into the air

And dizziness overtook him there.

“I don’t like this,” said Clown.

“I’m returning upside-down!”

And so he did, and he was glad

Although the others called him mad.

But then Rosie wanted to see

How he saw the world, so she

Stood on her own head, and gasped

At planes below her whizzing past.

“We’re on top of the sky!” she said.

“I want to stay like this instead!”

One by one the others stood

Like Clown, together in the wood.

Copyright Alex Harlequin 2012


One thought on “The Caterpillar That Stood On Its Head

    Jellyfish For Breakfast | The Notebook said:
    May 11, 2013 at 6:54 pm

    […] also had some thoughts on illustrating The Caterpillar That Stood On Its Head. I might post a sample image when I’m happy with one–but since it would be most […]

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