Very Bad, Then Very Good

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Well, it’s been an interesting day. Delays on both the Tube and National Rail mean I never made it to the charity event I was supposed to be helping to run. I left Waterloo feeling pretty stressed, but after an hour’s nap and a couple of hours listening to a CD of piano hymms, I feel nice and soothed. Plus the PJs and plum tea help.

Also, strangely, after the awful morning I had I wasn’t expecting anything to come of it, but I decided to take a quick look at my ekphrastic poem notes before settling down to watch Hustle all afternoon, just in case there was any spark left in my brain that could do something. My brain surprised me enormously by not only being able to cope with putting the notes into a first draft, but came up with, and started writing, two song ideas as well! Now that is one heck of an achievement for me. Maybe my brain is improving, or maybe it’s a fluke, but at least I’m nearly settled for my tutorial next week now. Thank goodness. Now all I need to do is schedule my glasses appointment and pack for the NSPKU conference, which crept up on me!

I’m not going to think about the rest of my coursework. That’s Saturday’s problem.

300px-Rosette_nebula_LanoueOh look, it’s February 14th. I did know that, I just kind of forgot in the hassle of the day. My take on Valentine’s Day? Like Christmas, a good thing that’s been smothered by consumerism. Not saying I don’t mind roses and hearts–I am a romantic at heart–but would rather receive something more personal for Valentine’s Day than the same as what everyone else gets. I read a very good Doctor Who fanfiction a few months ago where the Doctor takes Rose to see the Rosette Nebula for Valentine’s Day. That’s a tough standard to beat. But I’m sure someone who knows me very well will be able to come up with something.

As a point of interest, that fic was what started me Google imaging nebulas, which gave life to my then-vague interest in astronomy. I fell in love with the beauty of the universe.

Geeking Out

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Just bought my ticket for MCM Expo for next weekend. I will have to make sure to keep track of all conventions in future to enable me to make plans before last-minute. One day, I will go in a costume. As long as I’m accompanied by friends also in costume. I’m not that brave.

Aah! Had a panic just then as I thought I’d accidentally booked it for the same time as my lecture. Thankfully it’s tutorial week. Nice little exercise for my blood pressure there. Maybe I should have a lay down before I continue watching Red Dwarf. Scratch that, I’ll just watch it from bed. I’m a bit behind, only just finished Back to Earth, but I’ve been recording the new series and about to start watching it tonight.

I love duvet days. Still knackered from the ESPKU conference and I’m sort-of locked in my flat, but the bright side is guilt-free telly and fanfic.