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Short, Sweet and Starry

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I’m still chewing over some names, for my Conturbus and Not Alone series. I’ve named a place in Crossfire, The Locked Market, but still trying to come up with something original to refer to the magical characters. Like the opposite of a Muggle. Still no inspiration for the Milky Way–going to have to look at some more photos to help with that. Not that I need an excuse to look at space photographs.

Alien Names?

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I’ve finished a short story (for my Children’s Writing module) set in my–for lack of a better term–Not Alone-verse, which is a science fiction ‘universe’. Up until now I’ve been using temporary character names (never a good idea) and have finally got around to replacing them with the final ones.

Of my two main characters in the story, I have named one, and have come up with two possibilities for the other. They are brother and sister, he is ten and she is fourteen, from a planet that today I named Kcum. (Don’t ask me why.)

I do like my character names to mean something; this can be a problem when plausibly naming aliens, though. So for the girl, Selida, I combined two Earth names (I quote from Louise Nicholson’s The Best Baby Names Book):

From the Latin, sal, ‘salt, salt water’. Used metaphorically, it means intellectual acuteness, cunning, wit and good sense. To say someone is ‘the salt of the earth’ is to praise qualities of selflessness and common sense.

From the Hebrew, ‘noble, aristocratic woman’

For the boy I’m torn. I picked two names:

English gypsy name, meaning ‘fun’

From the Italian, poco, ‘little’

I’ve replaced the P with J, since I wanted to keep the same first letter as his temporary name. I like both variants, and can’t decide between them. Hence, if I’ve understood correctly, underneath should be my first poll!

While on the subject of names, I should probably name the fictional universe this is set in. I’m thinking another way to describe the Milky Way. Any thoughts on that, do comment.