Geeking Out

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Just bought my ticket for MCM Expo for next weekend. I will have to make sure to keep track of all conventions in future to enable me to make plans before last-minute. One day, I will go in a costume. As long as I’m accompanied by friends also in costume. I’m not that brave.

Aah! Had a panic just then as I thought I’d accidentally booked it for the same time as my lecture. Thankfully it’s tutorial week. Nice little exercise for my blood pressure there. Maybe I should have a lay down before I continue watching Red Dwarf. Scratch that, I’ll just watch it from bed. I’m a bit behind, only just finished Back to Earth, but I’ve been recording the new series and about to start watching it tonight.

I love duvet days. Still knackered from the ESPKU conference and I’m sort-of locked in my flat, but the bright side is guilt-free telly and fanfic.