Naming a Superheroine

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Been scribbling notes about the Owens poem for class, now sitting here with my notes app open at the to-do lists, my calendar and my 16-page first draft of my superhero story and wondering where on earth to start. It’s astonishing how many “X”s there are in the text where I skipped inputting details like character names. Maybe I should have used the technique I used last NaNo whereby I used abbreviations, like ‘prot’ for protagonist, ‘brot’ for his brother, ‘vill’ for the villain, ‘friend one’, ‘friend two’, and so on. Oh well, too late now, once I’ve named everything I’ll just have to edit individually instead of the trusty Ctl+H.

Having the most trouble, interestingly, coming up with a name for my heroine. I’ve got her secret identity all right, it’s the only character name I’ve actually used in the draft, but can’t decide on a cool-sounding supername that hasn’t been used, or had something similar used.

At least in the meantime, I can put in location details and work out a better structure. If I can work out how to find out the approximate height, in feet, of that hotel opposite Waterstone’s Piccadilly. I don’t want to guess because I’m quite frankly useless at distance estimations, I’ll probably be way out. Otherwise I’ll have to cut an otherwise good sentence, along with the 500 or so other words.


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This is my third or fourth attempt to keep a blog, and this time I am determined to keep it properly. To that end, posts will be short, probably somewhat rambly and mostly improvised. Like the novel I drafted last November. Er, the improvised part, not the short part. The synopsis and chapter-by-chapter plan for that is starting to gather dust. I *will* perfect the second chapter … at some point …

In the meantime, I have work experience and lectures to attend, and a scrat to get out of my attic. (I call it a scrat because I’m not sure if it’s a squirrel or a rat. Either way, the blasted creature makes a lot of noise.)