Tyrrims Trilogy

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The first novel in the series, Shadow Charge, is a work in progress and is somewhat darker than the Conturbus Chronicles. Both series are set in the Moth and Magenny ‘verse. While Crossfire plunges protagonist and readers alike into a magical world, Shadow Charge is more like dipping toes in the shallow end.

Although I came up with the idea for, and began writing, Shadow Charge long before Crossfire, it is unlikely to be completed first. This is partly due to my having chosen to work on Crossfire for coursework, thereby overtaking it in the progress department, but also because it requires a lot of research I don’t yet have the opportunity to undertake.

Shadow Charge is set in an old Torquay hotel with a dark and mysterious history. When maid Casey Tyrrims discover her family used to own it, she is pulled into trying to solve the two-hundred-year-old murder of her ancestor that provoked the changing of hands. But the walls can do more than talk, and finding the truth looks set to come at a huge price.

Short extract here.

Copyright Alex Harlequin 2010


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