Fan Fiction

Here I have selected what I feel are the best (completed) examples of my writing in the fan fiction genres. Stories are sorted in alphabetical order according to fandom.

To write fan fiction requires a slightly different set of writing skills than original fiction. Fan fiction authors are required to work with characters that someone else has created, get inside their heads, and keep them not only recognisable but true to themselves, whilst simultaneously adding something fresh to draw and keep readers’ interest. Writing fan fiction over a long period of time enables a writer to hone skills that can bring more life and depth to their own characters. Working with, or volunteering as, beta-readers also gives a taste of working with/as proof-readers and editors in the publishing world.

Characters, settings etc in the fiction in this section belong to their respective creators. The stories are written out of a love and respect for the original creations and no copyright infringement is intended.

Doctor WhoWeepingAngelsTARDIS

The Doctor’s Dad
Summary: “I don’t care if you’re nine hundred, you’re never too old for a hug.”

Reflection of His Soul *PG*
Summary: He could hardly tell them his real name. Even if he could. Even if he wanted to. Even if it didn’t break every rule …
To Unseal Time *PG*
Summary: A Time Lady cries as she sings her son to sleep.
Killing the Cat *PG*
 Summary: She regretted the day she had first uttered his name. If she had thought about the trouble it would bring, she would have taken it, and her visions, with her to the grave.

Harry PotterAlbyAndBabyHarry

Destructo Totalum *PG*
Summary: The war is over, and Voldemort is dead. But Albus Dumbledore can’t shake the feeling that something is not quite right …

Memoirs of a Broken Mother *PG*
Featured Story on The Petulant Poetess
Summary: Bellatrix has always loved Tom Riddle. She followed him all her life, doing terrible things just for his appreciation. But then he asks the impossible of her, and she knows her time has come.

Six *PG*
Summary: It’s Harry’s sixth birthday, and he’s looking forward to finally leaving the Dursleys for good, but somebody has other ideas.

Wake Me Up When September Ends
Summary: Songfic. Harry and Dumbledore attend a funeral for Sirius.

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