To Capitalise or Not to Capitalise?

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Hello. It’s been a while, sorry! It’s always been a struggle to find topics to post about, but my writing routine seems to have perked up recently so I’m hoping I can finally crack this blog.

I don’t know how many other SFF authors agonise over capitalisation. When inventing something new, is it right to capitalise it or not? Obviously punctuation rules apply, so for place names and other proper nouns it’s a no-brainer.

But what about a new kind of plant? Or sport? Or animal?

My biggest literary hero, JKR, always capitalised, whether it was Quidditch or Niffler or Flitterbloom. Personally I always found that a bit odd, inconsistent with the real-life equivalents like football, hamster, oak tree, etc.

But now I’m doing it! Probably because I think a plant written as Dead Fingers is more effective than one called dead fingers. However I have just named one of my characters after one of my fictional flowers, and it’s going to look a bit weird if they’re both capitalised. And no … I’m not changing one of them. It’s a perfect fit and has taken me months to come up with.

I suppose I could go back to the nickname plan …

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