Yet Another Blog Revamp On its Way

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So, thanks to bad planning and deteriorating health, my blog’s slowed to a halt. If anyone is still actually reading it, thanks for sticking by me.

I’ve had trouble finding things to write about because, due to previously mentioned health issues, my life consists of little more than doing coursework (very slowly), telly and fanfic. I have concentration issues and very low energy levels, which means trying to write book reviews or the like is impossible.

But I may have found a solution. They say write what you’re passionate about, write what you know, and write what your target readership will be interested in (not necessarily in that order). So I’ve decided to stick (mostly) with the only subject I can be expert (enough) in without too much extra effort: fandom.

Hopefully, this will breathe new life into the blog. I’ll occasionally post news updates and other relevant or semi-relevant things, but that’s my focus now. Most of my writing projects have been on hold for ages, but as I pick them up again I’ll be able to write more about them as well.

Quick News Update:

The poetry reading at the “YOU is for University” book launch went brilliantly. I was absolutely terrified but it was fine! Link to the launch report is on the homepage.

I have finished my Pilot script for “Aquila”, finally! Am now working on the critique, which is all I have left to do before my final deadline.

There, now you’re all up to speed.

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