Four Prompts

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I want to try something new, and post some writing prompts. I’ve been looking for some ideas for things to blog about that will be useful to my readers, in addition to my random rambles, and this sprang to mind. I am by no means the only blogger doing this but I hope it will add some variety to my postings. So I’ve thought up a poetry prompt, two fiction prompts, and a fan fiction prompt.

Poetry Prompt

Look out of the window, wherever you are, and describe the scene using only fantasy metaphor.

Fiction Prompt #1

Write a conversation between two people on Facebook, both of whom believe the other is someone else. See how long you can keep it going until one of them has no choice but to figure it out.

Fiction Prompt #2

Take a short extract from a piece of your own fiction writing. Replace every adjective and adverb with the opposite word (or as close as you can get), and change every noun to something else on the same page of the dictionary. See if any ideas spark from the new version.

Fan Fiction Prompt

Take your favourite character and your least favourite character, and trap them somewhere, like in a cupboard or on a roof. (Strictly PG!) Add a deadline, and something that’s poisoned, shake well and write! For bonus points use two characters from different fandoms.

Do let me know how they work out!

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