Closet Superhero

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I promised, so here it is: my Aquila book cover.

Aquila_Cover_withtitleMuch more clearly a mock-up than the previous post, but you get the idea. The leotard probably took me the longest; there were no images on the internet that fit the description I’d already written in the story, so I had to improvise by overlaying a feather clipart image over a plain gold one and cutting out all the white.

Other points of interest: The ‘keep out’ sticker, made from scratch in Photoshop, and my favourite (of course), the star stickers on her wardrobe door, arranged in the constellation that gave Aquila her name.

With regard to my superhero, I’m not certain what I’m going to do with her. Her short story could be expanded into any number of longer works. Watch this space.

One thought on “Closet Superhero

    MissTiffany said:
    April 12, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    I like it!
    Also, I’ve tagged you in a Blog Hop, if you so choose to do it, to talk about one of your works-in-progress. You can see the post here:

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