Where to Hibernate

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All good things have their drawbacks, or get cancelled. Snow = friend can’t stay for weekend. Yes, pretty innocent-looking white stuff currently lining all the rooftops, I’m talking about you. You’d better not fall near my birthday, either, I put a lot of effort into creating that Facebook event and I’m not going to walk 1/4 mile (or whatever it is) in clompy boots only to find no-one shows up. I’m glad the wordpress-created cybersnow is no longer falling on my blog or I would be very very annoyed even more. Not that that’s good grammar but right now couldn’t care less.

So, my weekend plans are cancelled, which means probably back to the coursework. Though I’m not sure about going out in this weather, so looks like I’ll be nursing hot chocolate or coffee in my room trying to block out family sounds. On my bed, that is, as my desk is currently covered, piled high with stuff that’s going back to London, which I had to get off my floor in preparation for having an airbed on there, which will now not happen. Seriously, I have a very long desk but it has a suitcase, a box, laptop, pile of books/DVDs, and a basket of ornaments on it (the ornaments are not going to London, they’re just there, but the rest in that list is). At least I managed to fit my cycle helmet into my cupboard.

Interesting fact about me. As far as I can tell, I am immune to caffeine. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Probably the mention of coffee earlier.

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