Renaming ‘Woodcutter’

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Decided to try something a bit new this post. Actually it’s not that new because I did this once for a blog I wrote for class, but I only just thought of it here. I’m trying to think up a better title for my ‘woodcutter’ song–which is now finished save for the title, which till now was just Woodcutter but my tutor suggested something that listeners might connect with more, so here goes. Below we have a mind map–using an online site instead of my much-better software, because it won’t install properly on my new laptop–isn’t tech great?–to explore all the possibilities.

Quote from said song has been recently Tweeted.

New-Sheet_4878h(Click on image for bigger version, you don’t need to squint!)


One thought on “Renaming ‘Woodcutter’

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