Invisible Jigsaw Pieces

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Maybe it’s just me, but Wales seems to be a popular spot for astronomy trips. First I stumble on AstroCamp on Twitter (and discovered the Baker St Irregular Astronomers, whose star party I went to last month, ran it), now my slightly-closer-to-home astronomy society are planning a trip there. My problem here is that I have to minimise my excursions to save on energy, money and time, not necessarily in that order. Well, AstroCamp looks set to happen yearly, so my sights turn to the other event–which happens to clash nicely with Mobilise, which I attended last year with the other church students. I haven’t heard anything about it this year, so don’t even know if I’m available or not.

Isn’t life complicated.

My society is looking to head abroad in the autumn, possibly Tenerife–!–to coincide with the comet Ison so moneywise it would make sense to save for that, but at the moment they’re all strangers and then if I can’t afford the abroad trip I’ll wish I’d been to the Wales one.

Then there’s the other option, find somewhere closer to home. Don’t know how viable that one is.

Oh, decisions, decisions! They’re hard enough when you have all the facts, impossible when parts of the puzzle are missing.

Plan of action needed. Google astronomy trips and camps till my fingers drop off. Email to society to ask for average going-abroad prices in past excursions. Hound friends about Mobilise, whether yay or nay. Ask if only stargazing friend interested in going. Then dose brain with healthy amount of caffeine and set it to the four-letter W-word.

Brain: What’s the W word?
Me: Work
Brain: Work? I don’t know that word. Define it.
Me: Work. Verb, to work. What your default function is until the fog rolls in.
Brain: *looks blank*
Me: I rest my case.


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