Last and First

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I’ve got a small fondness for number patterns (although maths isn’t my strong suit). It struck me a few days ago that today is the last time the date will be made up of three consecutive numbers, till the next millennium–when it’ll be 01/01/01 (3001 obviously). So … we’ll all be dead.

On a more cheerful note, I should finally be able to see the Geminids meteors tonight! Have been looking forward to it ever since missing the Leonids. It better not be as foggy as it was last night, praying for clear, dark skies over Regent’s Park. My first observing night, I can’t wait for tonight. Fold-up outdoor chair, check. Thermos ready to fill with coffee, check. Eyes to view hopefully spectacular sights, check. Pyjamas on under my clothes, check. Thick Santa socks I got in a Secret Santa game yesterday, check.


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