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Wow it’s been a while since I posted. Over a week, that’s the longest since I started. Considering my track record with keeping online stuff updated, that’s actually pretty impressive. In a good way, I mean. For example, my previous two or three (I can’t remember) attempts to keep a blog before I started this one failed drastically–gaps of months and months (don’t even ask how long it takes me to write a fan fiction)–because I was trying to do long posts regularly. Doesn’t work for me. Short and often, that’s the key.

Ooh, rhyme.

I’m currently stuck at home awaiting a parcel collection, which could come at any point during the day so I can’t go out at all. That’s probably a good thing since I fancy getting a toffee nut latte from Starbucks and I’ve had plenty of them already since they came out.

I’ve already done my lyrics homework, and looked at the details of the Vistaprint sale I got emailed. It seems to be genuine savings this time, as opposed to their usual marketing ploys, and I quite fancy getting some of the postcards which are currently free (plus postage). I went to an ACW writer’s day last year and there were free bookmarks being given out, all with poetry on by a lady called Rachel Snell (I have all four designs, I really like the poetry). I saw it as a really good idea, and I could do the same using these postcards–only thing is deciding what poem to put on them. I’d want it/them to be the epitome (I like that word) of my poetry style, thing is out of the poems I have finished and am happy with, either aren’t really typical of my style, or are a bit long! I’ll have to think about that …


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