Wrestling With Hoovers

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My fruits of today are a nice clean carpet, my Kindle samples transferred over from my old, broken one to my new Fire, and a significant increase in wi-fi usage minutes by looking up all the links in “Astronomy for Dummies”. Well, okay, not all. Just the UK-relevant ones.

I’ve had stars on the brain since I’m planning on joining an astronomy club, first meeting in a couple of days. I can’t wait. I’ve been planning a visit home to see my family, I’m hoping that when I’m there and away from city lights, they’ll let me sit up on the roof for a bit with my mum’s binoculars, my first evening stargazing. I think I’ll probably miss the Leonids meteor shower, but maybe I’ll catch the Geminids next month.

Straying away from astronomy now, my Nutshell poem was workshopped yesterday, and it went pretty well. I also think my tutor liked it, if her expression when she read it was anything to go by! It still needs some work, but I’m pretty confident I’ll be submitting it as one of my marked pieces.

It’s the song that’s going to be harder. I never did finish the elegy, I’ll go back to it at some point but I’d rather work on something else for submitting. The thing is, I’ve only ever written three songs in my life, and all of them when I was about twelve so they weren’t great and I have no idea where the lyrics are now. Unless you count The Rhyme that I wrote for my Doctor Who fan fiction, though I’m not sure if it counts as I never gave it a tune.

Hmm, this post ended up nothing to do with hoovers at all. Thought I should mention them again so the title doesn’t seem irrelevant. Hoooovers …

PS: I promise I’m not drunk. Just tired and rambling.


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