Names, Nutshells and Neologism

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Well, I’m still lacking a name for my superheroine, but on the plus side I spent yesterday morning making the plot better. Just that name, and the cleaner’s name, and that’s all I have left to decide on for the proper write-up. At the moment I have a messy, punctuation-less, rambly first draft, and a written description of the new order of events. All I’ve got to do now is edit the two together. Then I can move onto the boring critical stuff.

Hmm, let’s see, what else? Signed up for Pinterest now, I’m going to try and keep inspiring stuff in there. I expect next time I visit the Royal Observatory website the nature board will fill up with space pics. Should be a handy resource for my poetry.

I’m working on one poem for class, “A Nutshell for the Hippocampus”. At the moment anyway, I may change the title. I’ve been jotting lots of new words in my daybook recently, it started when I replaced the (cliched) phrase “kiss of Life” in a poem I wrote a couple of years ago, with one word, “Lifekiss”, making a new word from two. I’ve had several similar ideas since.

Oh, now I have to go and sort out some administrative stuff. Can’t get five minutes’ break without some unwanted email demanding a phone call. Will post again soon.


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