God Save My E(u)legy

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Taking a break from the last verse of my first song for class. I say last verse, it’s the one I started with so it’s also the first one I’ve written. Am writing. I’m missing a fifth line … has to end in ‘save’. Or possibly ‘wave’ but I think ‘save’ is an easier one to fit in, considering the subject matter. What’s more annoying is, after having a conversation with my family about what I was planning to write, I have since been made aware that my mother is writing, or has already written, her own version. Huh. I don’t expect she did hers to the tune of “God Save the Queen” though.

Coffee’s cold. Inky fingers. The lines I have written have been gone over again and again so they’re thick black letters, ’cause that’s what I tend to do when I’m struggling to think of something. I wish I didn’t, it’s harder to read after and I’m sure it decreases the life of my biros.


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