Crazy Week

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OK, it’s been a weird week.

I learned a valuable lesson from the Expo. If I want to be included in anything that begins “First 100 people …”, I need to get there far, far earlier. I went wanting to do three things, and in the end could only do one, and spent three times the amount of time I spent having fun, queuing. Disaster.

I feel the need to point out that I practically never have two days (well, half-days) out in one week, especially not following a conference weekend, in fact I rarely have any days out at all unless you count writing in coffee shops. Which don’t really count. My brain wouldn’t function when I was working at home–I’m never trying that again–and now I’m laid up in bed with aching legs from all the queuing. Finishing my ‘God Save the Queen’ song for class is going to have to wait till Monday.

National Novel-Writing Month is growing nearer and I fear I’ll have to give participation a miss this year. Next year should be no trouble as it will be part of my coursework project, but this year, barring a miracle happening in the next few days whereby I unexpectedly finish my outstanding coursework before November starts, it looks like I’ll be taking a back seat. Think I’ll still go to a couple of the write-ins for the social, and use them to work on my coursework or, failing that, some half-dead fanfiction. Should also help me not to feel so left out.

I really wish the OLL hadn’t scrapped Script Frenzy, that was amazing and actually what spurred me into wanting to write television scripts. I have no idea what I’ll be doing for my independent project next year, it could be a novel or a script, either way NaNo will help, even if it ends up changing completely from the November draft. Like Crossfire did, that one was pretty much improvised and has changed a lot in the last few months. I still haven’t had the time to go back and go over my scripts though, or my first novel draft—all of those are probably going to have to wait till I’ve graduated, sadly. Still, one day I’ll be able to spruce them up.


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